Lawn Bowls Towel Service

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Lawn Bowls Towel Service

The Lawn Bowls sub-committee has received a request to please reinstate the complimentary towels that are provided by the club.

After careful consideration, it has been decided to reinstate the towels effective 1st November 2020.

Please be reminded the towels are for use on lawn bowls green only and should not be removed from the green.

  1. Lawn Bowls towels can only be used in the lawn bowls area.
  2. The towels cannot be removed from the green.
  3. The towels cannot bring to the changing room.
  4. Cannot use to wipe shoes.
  5. Please put all used towels in the big red bucket provided.

Please respect correct usage of these towels and refrain from misuse.


Edwin Leung
Lawn Bowls Convenor

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