Lawn Bowls Green Usage Hours

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Lawn Bowls Green Usage Hours

To ensure all bowlers can enjoy the green, a new usage system will be introduced with immediate effect:

Tue & Wed
Original slot:          14:00-18:00
New slots:               14:00-16:00; 16:00-18:00

Original slot:          14:00-22:00
New slots:               14:00-16:00; 16:00-18:00; 18:00-20:00; 20:00-22:00

Sat, Sun & Public holidays
Original slot:          13:00-18:00
New slots:               13:00-15:30; 15:30-18:00

One player may book for only 1 rink each time.  Player should be present in person to book the game and should not book on behalf of others.  

Due to limited rinks available, it is recommended to have 6-8 players per rink.  For session 2, priority should be given to those not played in session 1. Everyone should have a chance to play at least one session.

All bowlers are requested to co-operate for smooth operation of the green and fairness to all players by observing the timings of each session.

Thank you for your attention.