Summary of Lawn Bowls Arrangement

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Summary of Lawn Bowls Arrangement

New arrangements have been introduced over the past few months and refinement is still ongoing.  For your easy reference, summary is as follows: 

  • A person must wear a face mask before and after exercise.  No eating or drinking on field.
  • Opening hours and sessions are as follows:
Opening hours14:00-18:00 (Tue-Wed)
14:00-22:00 (Thu)
12:00-18:00 (Sat-Sun & Public Holidays)
SessionEvery 2 hours (E.g. 12:00-14:00, 14:00-16:00 and so on)
  • Members only. For group with more than 2 persons, have to be in sub-group of 2 with 1.5m in between.  Max. 4 persons per rink, 2 on each end (subject to Government’s latest gathering restrictions).

Ticket System (valid till Thu 10 Sep 2020):

  • Bowler should register in person for a numbered Ticket at the General Office at Main Entrance. 
  • Tickets registration will start from 13:00 on weekdays and 11:00 on weekends and public holidays. The previous rule of issuing tickets one hour before the second and subsequent sessions will cease.
  • Tickets will be issued in order of sequence based on bowlers’ arrival time. Each bowler can get only one ticket personally and getting tickets for others are strictly not allowed.
  • In the second and subsequent sessions, bowlers who have played in earlier sessions, must give priority to other bowlers who have not played before.
  • To quote an example when 5 rinks are in use, bowlers with ticket #1-20 will play in the first session, #21-40 will play in second session etc. Tickets #41 and onward will be on reserve only. If less than 20 bowlers play in the first session, there is likelihood, for example, bowlers with ticket within 40 may not be able to play.
  • Bowlers without a valid Ticket cannot play.
  • When finished playing, bowler has to return the Ticket to General Office/collection box at Main Entrance.

We thank you for your continued co-operation and we will keep you updated for any changes.

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