Reopening of Tennis Courts

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Reopening of Tennis Courts

We are thrilled to inform you that Tennis Courts will reopen from Monday 4 May 2020:  

Tennis Courts – normal opening hours, 3 courts only for May 2020
(please refer to below timetable for court distribution)

Please note that tennis courts will be for Members Only until further notice (OTR classes are exempted on the provision that strict health monitoring measures are maintained).

Prohibition of group gathering, i.e. maximum 4 persons at one time, is still in force until 7 May 2020.  Therefore, there should not be more than 4 persons on court at the same time.  Members should wait till the court is cleared before entering the court.   

As per government requirement, shower rooms will remain closed until further notice

Reopen schedule of other sports facilities will be announced in due course.   We will keep monitoring the situation and reopen more facilities wherever possible.


Tennis Courts Temporary Distribution for May 2020

09:00-12:00 2 courts 1 court
12:00-17:00 1 court 2 courts
17:00-19:00 2 courts 1 court
19:00-22:30 1 court 2 courts
09:00-12:00 2 courts 1 court
12:00-19:00 1 court 2 courts
19:00-22:30 1 court 2 courts
09:00-14:00 2 courts 1 court
14:00-18:00 0 court 3 courts
18:00-22:30 2 courts 1 court

Note: As per government requirement, maximum 4 persons allowed in one court (coach inclusive) until 7 May 2020 (inclusive)

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