Reminder on Dress Code & General Behaviour

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Reminder on Dress Code & General Behaviour

Dress Code in the Club

  1. All Members and guests must observe an appropriate standard of dress at all times in the Club premises.
  2. Persons must wear footwear when entering the club and whilst on the Club premises. In this context, flip-flops (does not apply to ladies’ slippers) are strictly forbidden where both entry and/or service will be refused by the Club staff.
  3. Whilst training kit (trainers & vests) is allowed on the Club premises, entry to the Bar/Dining Room is not allowed. Soiled clothing and sleeveless shirts or singlets for Men are not permitted in the Bar/Dining Room.
  4. Persons in sweaty or wet sports attire are not permitted to sit or remain at length in the Bar/Dining Room. Persons must not remove their footwear or rest their legs on the chairs/bar stools in the Bar/ Dining Room.

On grass area/patio

  1. Players must not change on the grass area or the patio; they must use the Changing Rooms in the club house.

In Changing Room

  1. Members shall not hang their clothings overnight in the changing room. Any clothing found will be collected by the Club staff first thing in the morning and if not claimed within 48 hours, will be discarded as unwanted materials.

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