Indian Recreation Club Committee year 2020-2021

Mr. A.P.S. Grewal


Mr. Gurmit Singh

Vice President

Dr. Pradip Putatunda

Hon. Treasurer

M.Com; LL.B; C.A.I.I.B; C.L.W; Ph.D

A club member over 25 years and member of the general committee for last 15 years. Dr. Putatunda is the Executive Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Research and Government Policy Studies, Hong Kong. He is also acting as Advisor of the Centre for Asian and African Studies, Hong Kong.  Dr. Putatunda is an ex-banker. He has written two books entitled ‘CHINA PERSPECTIVES’ and ‘CHINA AND THE WTO: RESHAPING THE WORLD ECONOMY’.

Mr. Sarinder Dillon

Mr. Sarinder Dillon

Hon. Secretary

A Club Member since 1978. Member of the General Committee since 1992/93. Served in various capacities, including Hon. Secretary 2009/2014 and President 2014/2018.

Mr. Kulddeep Singh

Social Convenor

Mr. Billy Dillon

F&B Convenor

Member of General Committee for over 10 years.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh Maan

Social Convenor

Mr. A.R. Karamdin

Committee Member

Served in the General Committee for over 40 years. Represented the Club in Hockey, Softball and Lawn Bowls

Mr. Edwin Leung

Lawn Bowls Convenor

Mr. M Ali

House Convenor

Happy to be moving into the 41st year of membership of the Club and to see it grow from modest beginnings to a well-respected sports and social club in the hub of the city.

Mr. Syed M Agha

Cricket Convenor

I’ve been a member ever since I moved to Hong Kong, and for the last 3 years or so, I’ve been the cricket convenor of the club.

Mr. Dawood Khan

Committee Member

Mr. Surjit Sandhu

Tennis Convenor

Mr. Bhupiender Singh

Hockey Convenor

Bachelor of Arts.
Worked for British Army Police.
Committee for 9 years as hockey convenor, grounds convenor and social convenor.
Board Member of Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple Hong Kong

Mr. Kishu Lalchandani

Grounds Convenor

Sub Committees
Ali Mahomed
Members Kishu Lalchandani
Bhupiender Singh
Edwin Leung
Kulddeep S. Buttar
Convenor Kishu Lalchandani
Members Suresh Mansukhani
Surjit Sandhu
Bhupiender Singh
Gary Knowles
Edwin Leung
Convenor Billy Dillon
Members Harry Sarau
Kulddeep S. Buttar
Umesh Kumar Razdan
Convenor Surjit Sandhu
Members Kelvin Cheung
Kelvin Tze
Benny Tai
Sam Wong
Edwin Leung
Kishu Lalchandani
Thomas Leung
Convenor Edwin Leung
Members Kishu Lalchandani
Suresh Mansukhani
Kenny Ho
Harpal Dillon
Convenor Gurdeep Maan
Members Bhupiender Singh
Kulddeep Buttar
Viswanath Vemuri


Convenor Bhupiender Singh
Members Gurdeep Toor
Kulddeep Buttar
Sushil Dillon
NOTE:  The President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer are ex-officio members of all the Sub-Committees.
Roll of Honor
1917-1925 Mr. J. H. N. Mody
1925-1926 Mr. U. Rumjahn
1926-1949 Mr. Abbas el Arculli
1949-1950 Mr. Osman R. Sadick
1950-1951 Mr. J.M.A. Ramjahn
1951-1964 Mr. Abbas el Arculli
1964-1966 Mr. H.T. Barma
1966-1968 Mr. J.S. Ackber
1968-1972 Mr. Osman R. Sadick
1972-1974 Mr. M.B. Hassan
1974-1976 Mr. O.R. Sadick
1976-2002 Mr. A.B. Moosdeen
2002-2004 Mr. G. Hyder
2004-2014 Mr. Gurmit Singh
2014 – 2018 Mr. Sarinder Dillon
2018 – 2020 Mr. J.S. Dhillon
2020 – Present Mr. A.P.S. Grewal